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139+ White Room Interiors Design Ideas for the Color of Light, You Must Try In 2020

White has always been thought of as a safe room interior color, and many people use it as neutral, non-colored. But when treated as gorgeous colors, white shows a bold, clean and dramatic design, and is probably the most exciting interior decoration of any room. Here are 139+ interior design ideas. From modern to minimalist ornate design ideas, all ideas are focused on white!

If you love all the white interiors, here has evolved into something very different, an amazing art style. On a white background, you can see a variety of eye-catching interiors.

The modern design approach is more geometric and shaped, as shown by the repeated cubic module railings and cantilevered stairs. Even if the design emphasis has changed, white is softer in this more graphical aesthetic.

Take a look below.

With white walls, light-colored floors and furniture, all-natural elements in the home are combined, while adding a sense of drama and depth.

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