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4 blood type of weight loss

What is your blood type? 4 blood type of weight loss

The blood type of weight loss

4 Blood Types
4 Weight Loss Diet
4 Slimming Exercise
Which blood type are you?

Which blood type are you? - 4 blood type of weight loss
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Understand the blood type principle and lose weight more easily
Understand the blood type principle and lose weight more easily - 4 blood type of weight loss
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  • Diet Control Concept

Recently, a slimming method called “blood type diet” has been popular.

The concept of a blood type diet is proposed by a physiotherapist, Peter D’adao, who advocates that this diet can be used to control different blood types, to achieve weight loss and to slow down aging. For the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The principle of blood type weight loss method is actually related to the characteristics of the blood itself. For example, if blood with different blood types enters the human body, the body’s immune system will produce antibodies to resist the blood cells from the outside, causing the blood cells to gather together, or “Gummy” together, if it is serious, can lead to organ failure and even the consequences of death. Similarly, if people eat the wrong food that is not suitable for their blood type, it will also affect blood clotting, which can easily cause many problems, including heart disease and cancer.

The blood type of weight loss can reduce weight because this diet restricts the intake of foods such as potato chips, lollipops, and doughnuts, and naturally reduces the possibility of saturated fat.

In short, this is a therapeutic approach for people with different blood types, so that people of different blood types can achieve effective weight loss through the most suitable diet control.

Suitable for blood type A diet

People with type A blood are more suitable for digesting plant protein (from plants such as beans, dried fruit oats), so most obese type A blood people, usually have the habit of eating meat, so that they accumulate in the body Many hard to digest fats.

Therefore, if people with type A blood want to lose weight, they must restrain red meat. For example, beef, mutton, and pork are best replaced with fresh fish and chicken. The slimming recipe can also strengthen the planting of tofu and grains. Protein intake to supplement insufficient protein in the body.

Recommended food: salmon, squid, eggs, natural yogurt, grape seed oil, linseed oil, olive oil, soybeans, radish, spinach, green leafy vegetables, pineapple lemon, peach.

A small amount of food: red meat, caviar, crayfish, caffeine, alcohol, various dairy products, bananas, oranges, papaya.

Suitable for blood type B diet

People with type B blood are more fortunate than for type A because they can digest a variety of delicious foods. However, there are still some delicious things that they can’t touch, such as noodles, chicken, corn, etc., because the hemagglutinin in these foods will hinder the metabolism of type B blood, so for people with type B blood, lose weight. Basically, you only need to take the food mentioned below. In addition, a small amount of meals is also a good method for people with type B blood.

Recommended food: a variety of meat, seafood, fresh cheese, butter, yogurt, olive oil and cod liver oil, rice, cereals, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, bananas, apples, green leafy vegetables.

A small amount of food: corn, buckwheat, wheat, nuts, fat pork, chicken, ham, lobster, octopus, shrimp, cheese, cream, vegetable oil, cucumber, non-rice bread, radish, coconut.

Suitable for blood type O diet

For people with type O blood, high-protein foods are the main source of energy. They can digest lean meat, vegetables, etc., but they are more difficult to digest dairy products, beans, and cereals. Therefore, most obese O-type people are also caused by eating foods that are not easily digested by them, such as pasta and milk.

O-type blood people should drink less dairy products, but still need to take the right amount of calcium tablets every day to supplement the body’s insufficient calcium. In addition, O-type blood is also best to avoid rice after dinner, and it is recommended to eat one or two kiwis before going to bed, they can effectively supplement vitamins, but also help digestion of protein.

Recommended food: beef, lamb, squid, eggs, tofu, garlic, radish, apple, grapefruit, watermelon.

Not recommended: fat pork, ham, caviar, octopus, various milk, mushrooms, olives, potatoes, corn oil, sunflower oil, coconut, mango.

Suitable for blood type AB diet

AB-type can be said to be a mixture of type A and type B, with both characteristics, vegetables and dairy products are very suitable for AB type. However, their physiological characteristics are less stomach acid and less digestible meat. If people with AB blood type want to lose weight, it is best to eat tofu, fresh vegetables, and fruits, and embellish them with dairy products and a small amount of meat. You can also add some fresh fish and eggs.

Although people with type AB blood have some characteristics of type A blood and some type B blood, they are suitable for both animal protein and plant protein, but their digestive system is sensitive. It is recommended to use a small number of meals.

Recommended food: vegetables, fruits (cherry, grapes, watermelon, etc.), seafood, dairy products, eggs.

Not recommended: carbohydrates, smoked meat, shellfish, caffeine, alcohol.


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